The E-Air T900 mobile motor-driven compressor with 10.3 bar pressure and a blast capacity of 25.6 m3/min is an energy-efficient, reliable and mobile source of compressed air for blasting equipment (up to 4 stations).
The standard version is equipped with a moisture separator and cooler.
The compressor can be supplied on a chassis for towing behind a vehicle (with TCP/PSM issue), without a chassis or on a skid for stationary use or transport in the back of a truck.

Benefits of Atlas Copco electric compressors

Energy efficiency – Less power required to produce compressed air means less strain on the electrical grid and lower operating costs.

Forklift grooves and crane lift ring provide ease of loading/unloading. Compressors are available with or without chassis. Chassis-mounted units are supplied with a compressor certificate of registration or a compressor certificate of approval.

Simple and informative control panel, power supply connection via terminal block, conveniently located outlet cocks and low noise level of 69 dB(A).

Weatherproof and corrosion resistant casing and IP 54 motor protection class allow the compressor to be used outdoors during all seasons.

Safety of operation is provided by safety mechanisms, which will occur in case of: current overload, overheating, voltage loss on the phases or when exceeding the allowable temperature of compressor oil.



Technical specifications:


    • Working pressure, bar – 10,3
    • Working pressure, m3/min – 25,6
    • Number of compression stages, pcs. – 1
    • Capacity of oil system, l -65
    • Number of large diameter posts, pcs. – 1


    • Model – WEG W22
    • Power, kW – 160
    • Voltage, V – 400
    • Frequency, Hz – 50
    • Number of revolutions per minute – 2980
    • Voltage fluctuation, % – 20
    • Type of cooling system – oil cooling system
    • Power factor (cos φ) – 0,91
    • Windings insulation class – F


    • Length without chassis, mm – 1520
    • Width without chassis, mm – 1685
    • Working weight without chassis, kg – 2963


    • Production capacity, m3/min – 20-35