Rental of special equipment is a cost-effective solution for competent managers.

The high price of buying special equipment makes companies look for alternatives. One of the most popular services today is special equipment rental, which allows you to save money on short-term or single projects. The company “Marson Hire” offers a wide range of equipment and tools for construction, finishing and other works.

The main advantage of renting is lower acquisition costs. “Free” finances can be used for other projects or employee salaries. At the same time, target funds are not always enough to purchase all types of equipment and machinery necessary to carry out the work. In this case, renting will be much cheaper, and the number of specialized vehicles is wider.

Advantages of working with Marson Hire:

  • the lessor independently monitors the equipment, keeps it in working condition, so the customer does not have to look for parts, change consumables and keep track of the documents;
  • flexible rental terms – “Marson Hire” offers individual terms of contracts, which allow you to take the equipment for short and long periods;
  • reliability of the lessor is confirmed by long-term presence on the market;
  • a wide range of equipment for excavation works, construction of engineering networks, etc;
  • delivery of equipment to the regions.

In addition, in order to rent construction equipment you need to find a professional who is able to operate road construction machinery. There are qualified personnel with many years of experience in the company “Marson Hire”. For example, you can take an excavator together with a worker. Rental of construction equipment with a driver is an economically justified service, because hiring a qualified specialist for a short-term project makes no sense – too much time will be spent on its search and the conclusion of a hire or contract.

It should be noted that the company “Marson Hire” takes upon itself all responsibilities for automobile cargo transportation, registration and escorting of cargo, provides full cycle logistics services. Rental of special equipment allows you to solve problems with the search for equipment and personnel, reduce the cost of purchase and maintenance.

In our catalog you can see the full list of available equipment. Particularly popular are:

  • dump trucks;
  • crawler excavators;
  • excavators and frontal loaders;
  • aerial trucks;
  • rollers;
  • graders;
  • mini-excavators;
  • generators;
  • special tool;
  • gasoline pumps;

The list of available equipment is not limited to this. You can hire out a single unit or fully cover the needs of the project. Managers of the company will select the best option in terms of price, features and capabilities.

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