The “beast” is now even more compact than before

Hydrema MX14G Compact Beast

After the MX14G, also known as “Compact Beast”, became more and more established in Germany with its properties, Hydrema, according to its own statement, did not refrain from emphasizing the compactness of the machine again.

The main boom was shortened and the construction of the dipper was further adapted to the machine. “The machine is now even more compact and even more of a beast,” explains Hydrema Sales Manager Martin Werthenbach. According to him, there is no machine in this class that combines compactness and power so exceptionally.

“Even in the weight classes below the MX14G, i.e. up to a 10-ton machine, there is no other excavator that offers as much space – and thus comfort in the cab – and can work with the power of a 16-ton excavator – and at the same time again maintains the compact dimensions,” emphasizes the specialist and continues: “We call this ‘uncompromising work’, because the driver does not lack lifting power, compactness or comfort.” The 175 hp engine is also unique in this class.

“Hit the mark”

The machine was presented for the first time via the dealer, Manske Baumaschinen PMS GmbH, at this year’s NordBau in Neum√ľnster. Hydrema will then present its new product to the international public at bauma. “We can already feel that we hit the mark with the machine, because you can spend a lot of money in this class and then have to make do with compromises,” Werthenbach points out. “But the MX14G leaves nothing to be desired by the user. This machine also optionally has the same drive system as a heavy MX20G and is then also an absolute beast off-road or on mountainous roads – and of course the machine also has the same powerful pumps with a liter output of 407 liters per minute, so that heavy hydraulic attachments are no problem for the MX14G while steering, swiveling and driving at the same time,” explains the sales specialist.

According to Hydrema, numerous customers have already decided in favor of the powerhouse last year – and again this year. Regional manager Arnold Schuh reports: “If you have a good excavator operator, you can use the machine – equipped with a tiltrotator and pallet forks – to replace the wheel loader on the construction site. In contrast to the wheel loader, it can also lift the pallet over a fence or further away over an obstacle,” says the expert. “Since the MX14G is extremely compact and we can even fit into narrow alleys with the machine, where otherwise only 5 ton compact excavators can turn, the MX14G is a miracle of space and power.”

“Gardener works without compromise”

Regional manager Dominik Meinecke knows that horticulturists in particular have a lot of fun with the machine. “A gardener often needs compact machines, but occasionally also very powerful excavators that can lift and move something. With the MX14G, the gardener is absolutely not restricted and works without compromise.”

With regard to bauma, Hydrema Sales Manager Werthenbach is particularly pleased to have people to talk to about his recently propagated topic of the desired change in the law for officially driving construction machinery in road traffic. Not only in his opinion, the contractors in Germany are massively disadvantaged – because you already have a construction machine that drives faster than 20 km/h for driving on public roads for a limited time and space, or if it is used to drive earth material Truck driving license required.

This disadvantages the use of efficient dumpers in Germany and should be changed as a matter of urgency, emphasizes Werthenbach. “Shortly after the publication of my project, I received a lot of encouragement and I am happy to be able to speak to even more entrepreneurs at bauma who want to support this petition with their voice,” says the expert and continues: “The disadvantage for the building contractor in Germany must come to an end. The fact that more and more manufacturers are also offering dumpers shows that this type of machine has established itself internationally and, despite the restrictions, is also attracting greater interest in Germany.”

In addition to city excavators, Hydrema also produces high-performance dumpers in the 7, 10 and 20 ton segments.

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