How a wheeled excavator can be easily put on rails

How a wheeled excavator can be easily put on rails

Pneumatic road excavators allow you to perform a variety of work on the ground. However, not everyone knows that such machines can be easily adapted for rail traffic. And it’s not a handicraft. And an example of this is the N323F rail model from Caterpillar.

Front and rear on the chassis is installed special guide wheels, raises and lowers with the help of a hydraulic drive. which allow you to quickly reconfigure the excavator to work on the railway track. Such multifunctional excavators can be seen at work in various countries, including Israel.

The N323F is equipped with a 4-cylinder 4.4-liter diesel engine with 152 hp. With. (710 Nm). It meets the EU Stage IV environmental standard and is also capable of running on B20 biodiesel. The operating weight of the excavator is 22,900 – 23,900 kg. The speed of movement, on the road / rails – 20 km / h. At the same time, traction on an ordinary road is 104 kN, and on rails – 45 kN.

The machine has a maximum digging depth of 5610 mm and a reach of 9090 mm. Blade height – 6920 mm. Breakaway strength – 114 KP. A standard bucket is used – 1100 mm wide and 0.80 cubic meters in volume.

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