30 tons from China. Overview of popular excavator models

LiuGong 933E

Today’s LiuGong and SDLG excavators are heavy duty machines with reliable components and a wide range of options. All the details are in the review.

LiuGong 933E. With automatic control of fuel supply and engine speed

LiuGong 933E
  • Operating weight: 31,800 kg
  • Power: 185 kW (253 hp)

In the segment of 30-ton excavators, one of the most popular models is LiuGong 933E. The equipment is equipped with a 6-cylinder Cummins engine. A feature of the model is the IPC system power control system, which automatically regulates the fuel supply and engine speed.

The excavator is equipped with a hydraulic system with axial piston pumps and an additional two-flow hydraulic line for connecting attachments. The machine uses hydraulic components from Kawasaki, KYB and Nabtesco, as well as DENSO electronics.

As standard, the model is equipped with a bucket with a volume of 1.6 cubic meters. Boom length – 6,200 mm, sticks – 2,600 mm. The digging depth reaches 7,300 mm. The excavator can be equipped with a reinforced bucket with additional cutters or an armored one for rock, as well as a quick-detachable device.

The machine features a two-speed undercarriage and a reinforced platform. The LiuGong 933E also includes a ROPS/FOPS cab with climate control and a comfortable operator’s seat with mechanical shock absorption, rear-view mirrors, a color LCD display, an operating mode selection system, a flashing beacon and a reverse alarm.

Available on request are track shoes up to 900 mm wide for light soil conditions and a variety of 2D and 3D systems for precision work. Additionally, the customer can install a kit for operation in especially cold conditions. It is also possible to change the operating fluids according to temperature requirements.

SDLG E6300F. With positive main pump control system

  • Weight: 30 460 kg
  • Power: 170 kW (231 hp)

The SDLG E6300F is an excavator with a Deutz Tier 3 engine, Eddie and SDLG (Kawasaki) hydraulic components, a Kawasaki platform slewing motor and Volvo propel motors. The main pump control system is positive.

The company’s specialists have developed an emergency engine control function and a damping valve system to prevent hydraulic pressure drops when the excavator turns. In addition, a special lever is provided for the safe operation of the machine: when it is lowered, the hydraulic and travel control will be blocked.

The manufacturer also took care of the reliability of the equipment. The basic package includes reinforced upper and lower frames, as well as an arrow and stick with additional stiffeners. There are two drainage holes on the bottom cover of the turret traverse seat.

The volume of a standard bucket (it is reinforced) is 1.5 cubic meters. Rock buckets (1.3 cubic meters) and leveling buckets (0.78 cubic meters) are also available. Additionally, you can choose the width of the shoes: 600, 800 or 900 mm are available.

The comfortable cab of the SDLG E6300F has more space for the operator. Inside, air conditioning, an LCD screen for the instrument panel, a mechanical suspension seat, an audio system and much more are installed. The windshield is hinged, and the lower section of the front glass is removable.

The excavator can be adapted to work in cold climates. The buyer can order the installation of a starting heater and a dry hair dryer in the cab, as well as the replacement of all oils with arctic ones.

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