Material handler with 50 tons lifting capacity

Sennenbogen material handler 885G

The German mechanical engineering company SENNEBOGEN has now presented a special material handling machine as part of the world’s leading trade fair for construction machinery “bauma”: the port material handler 885G series.

The special device for the port has an operating weight of around 320 tons and a range of up to 38 meters.

The 885G fills the gap between the existing 875E and the world’s largest material handler, the 895E, and thus accommodates the growing size of ships, especially in inland ports.

Compared to the competition, the SENNEBOGEN machine has an average of around 30 percent higher payloads over the entire working range.

According to SENNEBOGEN, the machine can be individually configured according to the respective customer requirements and used for all handling activities in the port. As a result, the material handler can choose between five different equipment variants with a reach of 24 to 38 meters, and with the quick coupler on the stick and the powerful hydraulics, a wide variety of attachments can be flexibly operated.

In addition, it is suitable for heavy general cargo and can be used for heavy container lifts as well as heavy-duty lifts of up to 50 tons.

SENNEBOGEN specifies the handling capacity as up to 1800 tons per hour. According to the information, this significantly reduces the time ships spend in port. A robust steel construction as well as controllable and service-friendly technology with high-quality drive and control components also ensure permanently consistent performance.

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