Two steps ahead: the Vögele Dash 5 generation

Vögele Dash 5 generation

At Bauma 2022, Vögele is presenting the first road pavers and screeds of the new Dash 5 generation as a world premiere: the Highway Class pavers SUPER 1900-5(i) and SUPER 2100-5(i) as well as the AB 500 and AB 600 Extending Screeds latest generation. With these innovations, we think further into the future than ever before.

Tomorrow’s requirements met today

As a pioneering solution for the asphalt paving of the future, the new paver generation already meets the demands that modern road construction is increasingly making of asphalt pavers. There is a demand for flexible, modular systems that, in addition to user-friendliness and cost-effectiveness, also take into account the issues of process automation and sustainability.

Prepared for the future with “Dash 5”

The details of the Stroke 5 generation will remain veiled until Bauma in Munich, but Vögele has, as usual, placed a major focus on the needs of users. For the paving team, this means above all easy machine handling, maximum operating comfort and safety on the construction site.

With rising raw material prices, cost-effectiveness is increasingly becoming a success factor in road construction. That’s why Vögele ensures shorter set-up times, improved logistics and increased machine availability for the “Dash 5” pavers. The automation of process flows with assistance and control systems has also been further optimized. This avoids errors and increases efficiency and paving quality.

Sustainable project implementation is more in demand than ever in road construction. Targeted optimization measures reduce noise and noise emissions as well as the fuel consumption of the dash 5 pavers while maintaining the same performance. Since every liter of fuel saved reduces CO₂ emissions, the environment and road construction companies benefit equally.

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