The updated Hyundai HX225SL excavator received a more powerful hydraulic pump and a spacious cab

The updated Hyundai HX225SL excavator

The 22-ton Hyundai HX225SL is a new excavator from the Korean manufacturer, which received a completely redesigned control system and a more spacious cab. In addition, the performance of the main hydraulic pump increased by 12%.

Crawler excavators have firmly entered the construction site. They are present everywhere where you need to dig a pit or trench, raise or lower a load, get various materials, but what is most unusual is in the forest, at logging. In terms of popularity among all excavators, the 20-ton excavator has been the most popular for many years now. For the first time, we are introducing the completely redesigned HX225SL. Although these machines are not some kind of giants, their dimensions still impress: length – 9.65 m; width – 2.99 m; height – 3.03 m; bucket – 1.1 cubic meters, and all this with a weight of 22.1 tons.

A completely redesigned control system makes this machine easy to operate. The excavator reacts easily, smoothly and accurately to the movements of the joysticks, there is no excessive sharpness, as well as excessive sensitivity. The functions between the joysticks are distributed according to the standard scheme: the left one is the handle and platform rotation, the right one is the boom and bucket, which is essentially standard for all crawler excavators.

The cab has excellent visibility in all directions due to the large glass area. As an option, a 360-degree electronic view can be ordered along with a warning system for the approach of foreign objects in the working area. The windshield wiper on the front glass rises with the glass. The cab is mounted on a frame on upgraded shock absorbers, which further reduces vibration in the workplace compared to previous models.

The cabin is not overloaded with controls, only the most necessary is provided. The working conditions of the operator are thought out. The cabin, already the most spacious in the class, has become even larger. There is plenty of legroom left. Armrests together with joysticks are adjustable/adjustable for the operator. The chair is mounted on a sled 300 mm long and moves along them along with the control consoles. The left control console rises almost vertically, so you can move freely around the cab. Even a large person sitting in a chair has a lot of space above his head and around his shoulders. Such trifles as a cup holder, a socket for charging a mobile phone, niches, and audio preparation are provided.

Hyundai equipment has been working at construction sites throughout Russia for more than a day, and practice has shown that there is no need to additionally “adapt” it for operation. The standard equipment fully corresponds to the Russian climate, and for deliveries to regions with a colder climate, “arctic” preparation is carried out.

Conditions for simple and safe daily and periodic maintenance are thought over. In order to prevent injuries, the fan was taken away with a circular grill, a heat shield was installed on the turbocharger. Daily service points are easily accessible from ground level, making daily maintenance of the excavator even faster, easier and more convenient. Lubrication points on the boom and arm are conveniently located to the boom support and bucket, and grease fittings on the turntable are also easily accessible. As an option, a semi-automatic lubrication system can be ordered from the factory. Convenience for daily inspection and maintenance of equipment – these are the changes that we see in the new excavator.

The Hyundai HX225SL excavator is today the most productive excavator in its class. The performance of the main hydraulic pump has increased by 12% to 494 l/min, the absolute highest in its class.

At the request of customers, it is possible to install various additional options that contribute to both increasing the reliability of the machine and additional convenience for the operator. At the same time, the Hi-mate system is regularly located on the machine. This is a remote control and diagnostic system. It helps operators and maintenance personnel access vital machine service and diagnostic information from any computer with Internet access. Hi-mate saves time and money for owners and dealers by facilitating preventive maintenance and reducing machine downtime.

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